Multiplayer real-time HTML5 games


Entertainment software. It is one of the most interesting fields, these type of projects will need experts from different areas: from artists, to story tellers; from developers to producers; It has always been my dream to be a part of this industry.


You already have all the hardware and software needed to use this type of software. It is right here infront of you in your computer. The newest (and the ones coming in the near future) web APIs have made it possible to deliver AAA games via the browser.


Interactions happen with every decision and this get distributed to everyone playing in a matter of miliseconds. Enjoy your game and your co-gamers no matter where any of you physically reside at.


Social games and the social layer for games. It is a more engaging experience to find how others are playing and to show how you are playing.

I have always believed games are a portal to another world. These use tools to let the participants inmerse themselves in a different reality. With the help of all the people involved in the production of games the players will experience the world the authors want to share.

I imagine social gatherings amongst friends where people can play beer pong without the need for a ping-pong table; card and dice games where there is no need for actual dice nor cards; where yielding a sword and shield is just a matter or raising one’s smartphone and smartwatch; and where anyone can join in simply by synching in with their personal devices.

I promise to develop games that will provide users with new amazing experiences.

Expect Awesomeness

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Email: Gorka @ AquiGorka . net