“But please remember: this is only a work of fiction. The truth, as always, will be far stranger.”
Arthur C. Clarke

I built a 3D virtual web puppet that reacts to a physics engine. I did this with web technologies because I wanted it to work in the browser. Then I took it one step further and developed a bridge between the puppet and a smartphone’s gyroscope data (the puppet reacts accordingly).

I wanted to go beyond the most used example of using the smartphone as a steering wheel for a simulated car and showcase something that mimics life itself, hence the puppet.

I want to develop a web page that displays a theater where anyone can come in and role play. Where users can become whoever they choose to be. I wish to let the users choose from tons of puppets so that they can day dream about becoming chefs, karate fighters, scuba divers, musicians, architects, ninjas, sports enthusiasts, spies, surfers and even story tellers! You name it!


To empower people to fulfil their dreams!

By role-playing around with virtual puppets I believe they can get the motivation needed to go ahead and fight for their dreams in real life. By enjoying different scenarios and different roles I believe this can help them choose a characterisation of themselves and by taking real world actions (moving the smartphone around) and translating this into the game play I believe it can show them how easy it might be to start out something they might some day love.

Open Source

Please visit https://github.com/AquiGorka/puppets and enjoy the source code to this project. I believe that through collaboration we can achieve even greater results.

The demo

Go to the following address in your computer (chrome browser - only one working for this demo) and it will display a QR code/URL. Open the url in your android device in chrome (iOS coming soon) and enjoy. http://demo.puppets.life